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  • newWas this the only president uninterested in power?
    He caught a chill riding horseback several hours in the snow while inspecting his Mount Vernon farm. The next morning it developed into “acute laryngitis” and the doctors were called in. Their response was to bleed him heavily four times, a proce…
    - 2 hours ago 14 Dec 18, 1:36am -
  • newSacha Baron Cohen's in hot seat for lying
    Shock entertainer Sacha Baron Cohen is in the hot seat now for lying in a “consent agreement” through which former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore traveled to Washington to appear in his show. WND reported in September that Moore s…
    - 2 hours ago 14 Dec 18, 1:27am -
  • newDetained Chinese elder: Persecution is a blessing
    (Christian Today) Li Yingqiang, an elder of the Early Rain Covenant Church in China’s Chengdu metropolis who was among around 100 Christians detained by authorities as part of an ongoing crackdown on believers, wrote to his church before his arrest…
    - 5 hours ago 13 Dec 18, 10:47pm -
  • newOprah guest faces arrest in sex probe
    BRASILIA (Reuters) – Police are investigating accusations by over 200 women that a self-proclaimed Brazilian faith healer, who became a celebrity after appearing on a show hosted by Oprah Winfrey, sexually abused them while they were seeking spirit…
    - 12 hours ago 13 Dec 18, 3:06pm -
  • Why God is found is so many solemn oaths
    Why has the tradition in America been for oaths to end with “So help me God”? The military’s oath of enlistment ended with “So help me God” The commissioned officers’ oath ended with “So help me God” President’s oath of office ended…
    - 1 day ago 13 Dec 18, 1:45am -
  • 7 top threats Christian churches in America face today
    The Alliance Defending Freedom is a household name for many who been have followed religious liberty cases in recent years. A multiple-time winner at the U.S. Supreme Court, the organization takes on cases such as the blatant intolerance by Color…
    - 1 day ago 13 Dec 18, 12:57am -
  • 1 day only! Radical discount on award-winning video Bible!
    Over 10 years in the making, the award-winning “WatchWORD Bible” – comprising the entire New Testament, word for word, on video – has been widely praised for bringing Scripture to life in an amazing new way. It has sold nationally for $299.99…
    - 1 day ago 13 Dec 18, 12:15am -
  • 'Deadpool' ignites holy war over famous Jesus painting
    “Thou shalt not steal” is one of the Ten Commandments. But the latest incarnation of the “Deadpool” film franchise has sparked a holy war of sorts, as the movie poster for the Ryan Reynolds action flick appears to have at least borrowed heavi…
    - 1 day ago 12 Dec 18, 10:38pm -
  • 'Deception from the Evil One'
    Evangelist Franklin Graham, the son of the late Billy Graham, is supporting a Virginia high-school teacher who was fired for refusing to call a transgender student by a preferred pronoun. The board at West Point High School voted unanimously to termi…
    - 1 day ago 12 Dec 18, 7:55pm -
  • Christmas-market shooter shouted 'Allahu Akbar!'
    French police have identified the suspect in the Christmas market shooting in Strasbourg as Cherif Chekatt, 29, a French citizen of Moroccan origin. The Paris daily Le Figaro reported Chekatt, born in Strasbourg, was already known by authorities for…
    - 1 day ago 12 Dec 18, 4:27pm -


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    • newThis Advent, Let Christ Heal Your Inner Darkness

      This Advent, Let Christ Heal Your Inner Darkness

      Advent is a time of waiting in joyful hope, but it is also a time in darkness. It is a season when we confront the darkness of sin and death brought about by the Fall. As we wait in growing darkness, illuminated by candlelight, we come to see even mo…
      - 22 hours ago 13 Dec 18, 5:07am -
    • newSeek Out St. Lucy During the Season of Lights

      Seek Out St. Lucy During the Season of Lights

      Thanksgiving is past. The secular “Christmas season” and the Christian season of Advent have arrived. We are preparing for, and we are in the midst of, many festivities. It seems that Christmas lights are obligatory as we prepare for the parties…
      - 22 hours ago 13 Dec 18, 5:05am -
    • newBored with Gaming? Take The Road to Bethlehem

      Bored with Gaming? Take The Road to Bethlehem

      Some of us remember fantasy role-play through 1980s board games such as Dungeons & Dragons. Today fantasy role-playing is a market worth a billion dollars, if much of it online. Into this world comes a Catholic fantasy role-playing game: The Road t…
      - 22 hours ago 13 Dec 18, 5:02am -
    • newUntitled

      Don’t we sometimes feel that a task or service given to us is so daunting that we feel so inadequate and incapable of accomplishing it? Our fears and insecurities get the better of us. However, deep down in our hearts, we hear God calling us to ser…
      - 22 hours ago 13 Dec 18, 5:00am -
    • newUntitled

      “We recognize that families are ‘schools of love’ in which we learn how to love God and each other. Therefore, as a family, we constantly challenge ourselves to seek new ways to be more open with and loving toward each other as husband and wife…
      - 22 hours ago 13 Dec 18, 5:00am -
    • newGeneral Audience

      General Audience

      St Peter’s Square Wednesday, 12 December 2018 Dear brothers and sisters: In our continuing catechesis on the “Our Father”, we now consider the attitude required by Christ of his disciples as they pray. Jesus invites us to invoke God as “Fathe…
      - 22 hours ago 13 Dec 18, 5:00am -
    • newSt. Lucy

      St. Lucy

      Lucy lived in the fourth century, during the reign of the Emperor Diocletian, who was a great persecutor of Christians. One fact that we have about Lucy is that she was a victim of that persecution and was killed. Other than that, we don’t have mu…
      - 22 hours ago 13 Dec 18, 5:00am -
    • Deliver Me, Jesus: The Litany Of Humility

      Deliver Me, Jesus: The Litany Of Humility

      Years ago my spiritual director recommended I pray the Litany of Humility every day.  The saints say humility is that virtue which must the foundation for all others. Here is the litany: O Jesus! meek and humble of heart, Hear me. From the desire…
      - 1 day ago 12 Dec 18, 9:54pm -
    • Untitled

      To most of us Our Lady of Guadalupe is just another Marian image, but in Mexico she is part of the national consciousness. She is a national symbol that speaks to all, Catholics and non-Catholics. This is so because unlike other apparitions of Mary,…
      - 2 days ago 12 Dec 18, 8:56am -
    • Finding Sacred Time During the Holidays

      Finding Sacred Time During the Holidays

      I remember the first time Advent came and went without much intentionality on my part. Felicity, our firstborn, was only six weeks old when Christmas Day arrived, and I lamented to my mother that it just didn’t feel like I even had an Advent that y…
      - 2 days ago 12 Dec 18, 5:07am -

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    Evangelical Outpost

    • Just Survive Somehow ⎯ The Walking Dead S06E02 Review

      Just Survive Somehow ⎯ The Walking Dead S06E02 Review

      Beware of undead spoilers! After five seasons of AMC’s The Walking Dead, it’s easy to feel desensitized to the walkers. While they’re frightening in large numbers, the initial shock of their existence has worn off, despite the ever-increasing g…
      - 20 Oct 15, 5:45pm -
    • Review: Beyond the Mask

      Review: Beyond the Mask

      Note: A review copy of this movie was sent in exchange for a review. It releases today, and you can look for a local showing here.  It isn’t often I’m sent a movie to review that I get excited about. Holy Rollers was an exception, as were the fi…
      - 5 Jun 15, 2:00pm -
    • Peace With People Amidst a War of Ideas
      I have observed two kinds of tyranny in the media and public forum when it comes to moral, religious, or political conflict.  The first kind is a tyranny of bigotry which takes firm held beliefs about politics, religion, ethics, etc., and attempts t…
      - 18 Apr 15, 12:00pm -
    • On Language: A Primer for Careful, Thoughtful Introspection
      If words matter–and you’ll find that I am very quick to contend that they do–then we ought to be careful with the language we speak. For some, this point might seem like something akin to an argument against profanity. I’m not (necessarily)…
      - 13 Apr 15, 2:00pm -
    • Codependency and Egoism: Two Ways To Obscure Easter
      It is that time of year when, once again, Churches of all denominations ramp up their hospitality.  One need not look far to find flier invitations for Easter egg hunts, local ads for sunrise services, or Church billboards declaring that all are inv…
      - 5 Apr 15, 12:00pm -
    • Why My Husband Is Not My “Other Half”
      When I got married, I had a new experience of association which I had never had as a single person.  My husband and I were together for three and a half years before we got married, and yet, in all of that time, people rarely expected him to be with…
      - 1 Apr 15, 1:00pm -
    • Have You Kept Christ in Christmas?
      Each year, the holiday season brings with it many historic traditions, like the red cups at Starbucks, the bad pop Christmas songs playing in every retail store in the country, and the revived rhetoric among certain Christians about “keeping Christ…
      - 22 Dec 14, 2:00pm -
    • What Can We Learn From the Mars Hill Shutdown?
      Mars Hill Church began as a small gathering in Mark Driscoll’s home in 1996 and soon became one of the fastest-growing churches in the country. But the church that was praised just last year as one of the “Top Churches to Watch in America” has…
      - 3 Dec 14, 2:00pm -
    • Little Hope Was Arson – A Second Look (Film Review)
      Note: a review copy of this film was provided in exchange for a review. Visit the film’s website here. See our earlier review from James here. Spoilers follow. If you’ve ever been to Texas, you may have noticed the Jesus fish symbols on billboard…
      - 25 Nov 14, 5:22pm -
    • Pumpkins and Thanksgiving
      In Germany, the asparagus harvest marks a national celebration. Whole restaurant menus center around asparagus, filling the hearts and stomachs of Germans thrilled by the wonderful harvest season. Asparagus has been an important crop in Germany, so t…
      - 24 Nov 14, 4:26pm -

    Face Like the Sun

    • INHUMAN: The Making of a Film on Transhumanism
      WHEN I FIRST HEARD ABOUT TRANSHUMANISM, I knew it was a subject matter that needed attention, especially as a Christian. Having been a couple years since I was saved, I was already at a place where I was seeking truth in the many bizarre and fringe s…
      - 15 Nov 15, 9:22am -
    • OPENING PORTALS: Augmented Reality (HoloLens), Ingress, and Dark Matter Dimensions
      With the new announcement of Microsoft’s augmented reality device, the HoloLens, we are on the verge of seeing the shift from interactive technology to augmented reality. Through the use of wearable devices, we will soon see what Google Chairman sa…
      - 25 Jan 15, 6:03am -
    • Superconductivity and the Lying Wonders of Antichrist?
      In this video, I take a look at a video on YouTube called MUST SEE!!!UFO LEVITATION!!! and speculate on how such a science might be used for the Great Deception of the Antichrist in the end times. 1.) The appearance of smoke. The liquid nitrogen made…
      - 20 Jan 15, 10:10pm -

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