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  • newWar, Market Meltdown & More War for 2023 – Gerald Celente
    By Greg Hunter’s  Renowned trends researcher and publisher of “The Trends Journal,” Gerald Celente, predicted last February on that “World War III has already started.”  Fast forward to today, and the globa…
    - 20 hours ago 1 Feb 23, 5:10am -
  • Aliens Created Humans is the Biggest Lie in the Universe – Steve Quayle
    By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post) Renowned radio host, filmmaker, book author and archeological dig expert Steve Quayle says he is uncovering artifacts in central Mexico that are thousands of years old.  What is shocking is Qu…
    - 4 days ago 28 Jan 23, 11:40pm -
  • Nuke War, Bioweapon Awakening, Dollar Dies & Paul Craig Roberts
    By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 566 1.27.23) Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (PCR), former Assistant Treasury Secretary and international award-winning journalist, is the special guest for this week’s Weekly News Wrap-Up.  Dr. Roberts gives his dee…
    - 6 days ago 27 Jan 23, 5:01am -
  • One Giant Financial STD and Everybody is Infected – Bill Holter
    By Greg Hunter’s  Precious metals expert and financial writer Bill Holter said last summer that the Fed rate increases would tank the economy.  Everywhere you look you see the economy falling apart.  House prices and sales are do…
    - 8 days ago 25 Jan 23, 3:41am -
  • Pfizer CV19 Bioweapon Vax Public Enemy #1 – Karen Kingston
    By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post) Karen Kingston is a biotech analyst and former Pfizer employee who understands the contracts, patents and laws that Big Pharma deals with in bringing new drugs to market. Kingston also research…
    - 11 days ago 22 Jan 23, 12:44am -
  • Petrodollar Death, Davos Demons, Brace for Economic Crash
    By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 565 1.20.23) There was big global news coming out of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, and it’s not the usual tyrannical pompous crap you are used to hearing about.  The finance minister…
    - 13 days ago 20 Jan 23, 5:02am -
  • Fed Never Correctly Predicts Big Downturns – Craig Hemke
    By Greg Hunter’s  Financial writer, market analyst and precious metals expert Craig Hemke predicted at the beginning of 2022, “This is going to be a wild, unpredictable year.  It will be volatile.”  Looks like Hemke was corre…
    - 15 days ago 18 Jan 23, 2:59am -
  • God Will Act Against Worldwide Swamp – Bo Polny
    By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post) Biblical cycle timing expert, geopolitical and financial analyst Bo Polny has made many freakishly correct predictions.  One of his biggest was in February of 2020 when Polny said the whole wo…
    - 18 days ago 15 Jan 23, 2:39am -
  • Biden Doc Doo Doo, Ukraine Sucking, Fed Interest Increase
    By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 564 1.13.23)  Vice President Joe Biden is now in doo doo after government documents have been discovered at one of his homes.  They say the documents could be planted, stolen, a national security threat or ju…
    - 20 days ago 13 Jan 23, 5:28am -
  • Fed Confetti Party Will End Rudely & Abruptly – John Titus
    By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post) Lawyer John Titus is an ardent Fed watcher.  He has some of the most popular videos on the internet explaining complicated Federal Reserve actions and policies.  Titus says the Fed is in a da…
    - 25 days ago 8 Jan 23, 12:17am -

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      • newThis Week’s FOMC: What Does Jay Powell Really Care About?
        With the markets still firmly convinced the Federal Reserve will hike the Fed Funds Rate by just 25 basis points (0.25%) on Wednesday, I find it fascinating that no less a figure than Mohamed El-Erian, former head of PIMCO, argued for the Fed to sta…
        - 21 hours ago 1 Feb 23, 4:01am -
      • new*You* Can Prove that the Covid Vaccines Are Killing People of All Ages and Should Be Immediately Stopped
        If the CDC was honest, this is what their new ads should look like! Executive summary This is the most important article I have ever written in my life. It shows a novel method that anyone can use to prove that the COVID vaccines are leading to pre…
        - 21 hours ago 1 Feb 23, 4:01am -
      • newSize Matters – On a U.S. Ground Intervention in Ukraine
        A European financial research company has sent me one of their quarterly research letters. It is a ‘contrarian review of political and military ramifications’ of the war in Ukraine. It analyzes ‘winners and losers’ of the war. It is contraria…
        - 21 hours ago 1 Feb 23, 4:01am -
      • newThe War Against Us
        “We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy our economy ” – Chris H…
        - 21 hours ago 1 Feb 23, 4:01am -
      • newDr. Naomi Wolf: The Vaccine Is Genocidal
        Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 23:57 — 22.2MB) Subscribe: RSS | More If you think the vaccine was done with good intentions, then you need to watch this video. DISCLAIMER: Views and opinions expressed on The Ben Armstrong…
        - 21 hours ago 1 Feb 23, 4:01am -
      • new‘At War with Russia’, Europe Peers Down the Abyss
        Russia is unlikely to take the bait: It has the real strategic advantage in all areas of engagement with the Ukrainian forces. There is too much ‘noise’ in the system, and it is obscuring the view. Davos has always been ‘weird’. But this year…
        - 21 hours ago 1 Feb 23, 4:01am -
      • newA Panicked Empire Tries To Make Russia an ‘Offer It Can’t Refuse’
        Those behind the Throne are never more dangerous than when they have their backs against the wall. Their power is slipping away, fast: Militarily, via NATO’s progressive humiliation in Ukraine; Financially, sooner rather than later, most of the Glo…
        - 21 hours ago 1 Feb 23, 4:01am -
      • newWhy Are the EKGs of Pilots No Longer Normal?
        The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires first-class airline pilots to receive an electrocardiogram (EKG) starting at age 35, and continuing annually after age 40.1 EKGs record the heart’s electrical activity to provide a measure of hear…
        - 21 hours ago 1 Feb 23, 4:01am -
      • newHistory of Nuclear War. The “90 Seconds to Midnight”
        90 Seconds to Midnight according to the Doomsday Clock. The Nobel Peace Laureates are casually blaming Russia, without recalling the history of nuclear war, not to mention Joe Biden’s 1.3 trillion dollar program to develop “more usable”, “l…
        - 21 hours ago 1 Feb 23, 4:01am -
      • newThe Continuous and Terminal Political Gaslighting of the American Masses
        “Gaslighting is implanted narratives cloaked in secrecy.”meaning that: “Gaslighting are lies with a purpose to confuse and control.”   Tracy Malone The term “gaslighting” is a relatively modern term, although it was the title of a 1944 m…
        - 21 hours ago 1 Feb 23, 4:01am -

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      • You don't need that many!

        - 27 Jun 21, 1:53pm -
      • Warning ignored
         "We must become the party of economic rebirth, of economic nationalism, of economic patriotism... It means reaching out to the business community of America (and) seeing business as our ally against the foreign threat. American business is not our…
        - 2 May 21, 9:06pm -
      • Reducing visual profiles
         Someone ditched their empty Ruger boxes today at a county recycling site.I presume the firearms are stored somewhere out of sight, and that idea was to get rid of empty marked boxes betraying their presence. The boxes didn't look new, they had sign…
        - 14 Mar 21, 12:55am -
      • Acquittal, again. So what's next?
        Democrats and their media allies had hoped to normalize political show trials with the latest Trump impeachment. The odds of it happening were slim, but Democrats pushed the lie it would, and many in media played along. Fact is, most Americans were u…
        - 14 Feb 21, 5:47pm -
      • Changing our traditions
        "We're going to have to change our traditions, our history; we're going to have to move into a different place as a nation." - Michelle Obama, May 2008Fast forward to February 2021:The Dallas Mavericks have stopped playing the national anthem before…
        - 10 Feb 21, 9:38am -
      • Squandering the last gasps of government legitimacy
        Deceptively edited video. A graphic with an inflated capitol riot death toll. These are the sort of things Democrats believe they need to prosecute Trump? Welcome to the latest round of bad actors circus, another misadventure in squandering what litt…
        - 10 Feb 21, 12:42am -
      • The strategy and tactics seem familiar
        Democrats now have troops guarding Washington DC, have erected a fence around the Capitol, and require House members to pass through metal detectors before being allowed on the floor of the House. Democrats are embarking on screening the military in…
        - 8 Feb 21, 2:52pm -
      • A taste of the resistance, circa 2017
        Any less inciteful than much of the material Democrats insist is "insurrectionist" when it now comes from Republicans? Via Senate Democrats, as poste on Facebook, 2017: 
        - 31 Jan 21, 2:50am -
      • Perceptions of Legitimacy
        Perceptions matter. And the perception left by rushing to kill court challenges to the 2020 election has left a perception that election results were not fully vetted. The result? Tens of millions of Americans do not believe Biden was legitimately e…
        - 31 Jan 21, 2:07am -
      • "If you're ready for a zombie apocalypse, then you're ready for any emergency"
        We're dealing with an unprecedented global emergency. There's no point in blaming Trump or Pence for what they did or didn't do. No one else saw it coming. This is a global threat, a killer virus that did not exist in humans before four months ago.Ev…
        - 22 Mar 20, 12:12am -

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      • newFormer UK Defense Minister: Send NATO Troops to Ukraine to fight Russians
        A former UK defense minister has proposed sending NATO troops into Ukraine to fight the Russians. Boris Johnson wants Great Britain to send fighter jets to Ukraine. Benjamin Netanyahu may send Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system to Ukraine t…
        - 4 hours ago 1 Feb 23, 8:55pm -
      • WW3 Expands to ME With Israeli Attack on Iranian Factory Supplying Weapons to Russia
        Did World War 3 just expand into the Middle East in recent days? An Israeli drone attack on an Iranian weapons factory may have been the starting gun for the Ukraine-Russia-NATO war to move into a Middle Eastern theater. TruNews will walk you through…
        - 1 day ago 31 Jan 23, 9:10pm -
      • UK Army Spied on Covid-19 Lockdown and Vaccine Critics
        A shadowy Army unit secretly spied on British citizens who criticized the Government's Covid lockdown policies. Military operatives in the UK's 'information warfare' brigade were part of a sinister operation that targeted politicians and high-profile…
        - 2 days ago 30 Jan 23, 8:50pm -
      • New Zion Assembly - 1/29/23 - Bless and Curse Not
        This week, we’ll continue our sermon series entitled “A Journey Through Romans.” Throughout this series, we have been examining the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Jesus-believing disciples in the ancient city of Rome and applying those principl…
        - 3 days ago 29 Jan 23, 3:00pm -
      • WHO: Governments Should Prepare for Nuclear Emergencies
        The World Health Organization has issued guidance to nations on how to survive a nuclear war. The updated guidelines were posted online by the WHO hours after a senior European Union official warned that Russia and the West in a state of war. To…
        - 5 days ago 27 Jan 23, 9:55pm -
      • Did Russia Use Tsunami Nuke on Fukushima in 2011?
        Two weeks ago, Moscow news agencies reported that the Russian defense ministry announced that defense contractors had delivered the first batch of Poseidon missiles to be carried onboard special-purpose nuclear-powered Belgorod submarines. Russian mi…
        - 6 days ago 26 Jan 23, 9:30pm -
      • Russian TV Commentator: Big War is Coming by End of Winter
        The twin decisions by Germany and the USA to send combat tanks to Ukraine have enraged Russians. Talk of nuclear war with the West has escalated over the past 24 hours. The White House formally announced on Wednesday that it is sending 31 M1 Abra…
        - 7 days ago 25 Jan 23, 9:45pm -
      • Sticky Fingers: Mike Pence Caught with Classified Docs Too
        Former Vice President Mike Pence’s team found classified documents in his Indiana home. Mr. Pence’s team contacted the National Archives and Records Administration to request assistance in collecting and transferring documents bearing classificat…
        - 8 days ago 24 Jan 23, 9:45pm -
      • U.S. Leaders Blindly Ignore Russian Warnings Not to Arm Ukraine
        If any historians survive World War 3’s nuclear nightmare, surely, they will write about the veil of blindness that covered the eyes of Western leaders prior to the start a horrific exchange of weapons of mass destruction between Russia and NATO al…
        - 9 days ago 23 Jan 23, 9:30pm -
      • New Zion Assembly - 1/22/23 - The Lost Art Of Benevolence
        This week, we continue our sermon series entitled “A Journey Through Romans.” Throughout this series, we have been examining the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Jesus-believing disciples in the ancient city of Rome and applying those principles th…
        - 10 days ago 22 Jan 23, 3:00pm -


      • The Future of Ecommerce Post-COVID-19
        As most people already know, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced most businesses to significantly update, upgrade, or increase their digital presence. During the past 12 or so months, companies that have managed to improve their ecommerce functionality…
        - 3 Mar 21, 2:30pm -
      • Tips On How To Get Financial Security
        It is easy to lose track of your finances when you have a lot of things that you will be spending your money on. Therefore, you might find yourself running out of your online casino gaming fund (visit casino en ligne francais) and you would be missin…
        - 6 Aug 20, 11:21am -
      • Rules to Improve Your Financial Health
        Personal finance refers to how you manage your money and plan for your future. All of your financial choices and actions have an effect on your financial health. There are certain rules that often guide people. The rules include not buying a house th…
        - 6 Aug 20, 10:56am -
      • 4 Surprising Facts About Stem Cell Therapy
        Stem cell therapy has been a source of controversy in medical and political fields for decades. Yet, the reality is that adult stem cell therapy is an effective treatment that serves as a viable alternative to surgery. Indeed, though there are many m…
        - 14 Jan 20, 8:48pm -
      • How Brexit Could Affect American Businesses
        The United Kingdom’s protracted exit from the European Union –– or “Brexit” as it has come to be known –– may finally be completed before the end of the year. And while the changes that Brexit is sure to generate will affect people liv…
        - 25 Sep 19, 4:15pm -
      • Poisoned for Profit: We Are Not the Agrochemical Industry’s Guinea Pigs
        Environmentalist Dr Rosemary Mason has just written to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the Department for Food, Environment and Rural Affairs (Defra) and the Chemicals Regulation Division (HSE) in the UK claiming that the glyphosate-based wee…
        - 27 Jul 19, 2:10pm -
      • The Debilitating Effects of Social Media
        The Debilitating Effects of Social Media Facebook and other social media platforms have come under close scrutiny in recent months and years. In addition to the concerns about their ability (or lack thereof) to ensure user privacy, many professionals…
        - 26 Jul 19, 3:21pm -
      • From Mad Cow Disease to Agrochemicals: Time to Put Public Need Ahead of Private Greed
        The first part of this article documenting the development of BSE in Britain was written by Rosemary Mason and is taken from her new report ‘Why didn’t the UK media report the documentary on Mad Cow Disease?’ It is fully referenced and cites s…
        - 18 Jul 19, 8:08pm -
      • The Terrorists with US- Cyber Privateers commit Domestic Terrorism 4
        What are Cyber Privateers and should you be afraid of them? Cyber privateers and cyber bounty hunters are criminals that are not covered under international law as government agents. In reality, this almost nullifies the chance for war to start over…
        - 5 Jul 19, 3:26am -
      • From the Green Revolution to GMOs: Toxic Agriculture Is the Problem Not the Solution
        Why did the European Food Safety Authority claim that glyphosate was not ecotoxic? This is the question environmentalist Dr Rosemary Mason poses in her new 23-page report which can be accessed in full here. In places, the report reads like a compilat…
        - 4 Jul 19, 9:17am -

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      • newNo End to the Victim Narrative
        Earth to liberals: If there is systemic racism in the U.S., you did it. 
        - 19 hours ago 1 Feb 23, 6:00am -
      • newChild Abuse in the Name of Wokeness
        A truly disturbing story from out of Georgia is getting short shrift among the leftist mainstream media.
        - 19 hours ago 1 Feb 23, 6:00am -
      • newResisting the Police
        We need to stop with the race baiting that’s intended to inflame passions for the sole purpose of creating chaos across the nation. 
        - 19 hours ago 1 Feb 23, 6:00am -
      • newLet Criminal Faces Be Shown
        How can we protect ourselves from criminals if we are forbidden to know what they look like?
        - 19 hours ago 1 Feb 23, 6:00am -
      • newGuilty Unless Proven Innocent is the Army Norm
        Until the Army takes measures to provide fair investigations, it will continue to punish soldiers over minor or even nonexistent actions. 
        - 19 hours ago 1 Feb 23, 6:00am -
      • newThe Real Lessons of the Real History of The United States and post-Glasnost Ukraine
        That this tragic, needless war was in fact provoked by the West’s low-grade war against Russia over the last 30 years is indisputably clear.
        - 19 hours ago 1 Feb 23, 6:00am -
      • Ukraine and the Unlearned Lesson of History
        Defeating Russia, no matter how much it costs, is the only way to prevent a hot WW3, and without military and economic aid from the West and especially from the United States, this is impossible
        - 2 days ago 31 Jan 23, 6:00am -
      • Ashbury Haight Speech
        Woke speech is the language of hate, because woke is a hate movement.  
        - 2 days ago 31 Jan 23, 6:00am -
      • Taking On the Would-be Destroyers of America
        The destroyers had to take a functioning country with the world's largest middle class and tank it.  Not only that, but to tank it with the acquiescence of a significant portion of the population and make it appear noble
        - 2 days ago 31 Jan 23, 6:00am -
      • Is Donald Trump Worth The Fight?
        The Democrats rolled him in 2020 with Covid and George Floyd, and it’s not clear, in 2022, that Trump has learned his lesson or can distinguish friend from enemy.
        - 2 days ago 31 Jan 23, 6:00am -

      Information Liberation

      All Gov

      • DeSantis to Ship Florida Floodwaters to Democratic States
        Speaking to the media, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said, “The catastrophic damage that has been done to our state is the fault of Hunter Biden—I mean Joe Biden. Consequently, as soon as federal aid dollars arrive, we will use it to ship th…
        - 3 Oct 22, 7:00pm -
      • Munich Memorial Tribute...Some Words from David Wallechinsky
        On 4 September 2022, the International Society of Olympic Historians (ISOH) laid a wreath at the memorial in Munich’s Olympic Park in honor of the 11 members of the 1972 Israeli team who were murdered by terrorists. David Wallechinsky led…
        - 7 Sep 22, 12:12am -
      • Biden Gives Go-Ahead for “Friendly Dictators” to Murder Opponents
        U.S. President Joe Biden has ordered Secretary of State Antony Blinken to inform dictators who cooperate with the United States that if they need to murder—and even dismember—their opponents while the opponents are abroad, the Biden administrat…
        - 11 Jul 22, 7:00pm -
      • Gutting the EPA…All in the Family
        Many people seem shocked that the Republican-controlled Supreme Court, in the case of West Virginia et al v. Environmental Protection Agency et al, limited the power of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to oversee polluting industries unles…
        - 5 Jul 22, 7:00pm -
      • Right to Abortion Ends in the U.S….Thanks to the Electoral College
        By a vote of 6-3, on June 24, 2022, the United States Supreme Court put an end to the right of women to have abortions. Five of the six justices who voted to end the right to abortion were nominated by two presidents, George W. Bush and Donald Trum…
        - 27 Jun 22, 7:00pm -
      • Another Way of Looking at the French Election: Le Pen Lost to None of the Above
        Final ResultsEmmanuel Macron: 18,779,812Abstentions: 13,655,960Marine Le Pen: 13,297,719Blancs and Nuls: 3,018,999 As a Percentage of Registered VotersEmmanuel Macron: 38.5%None of the Above: 34.2%Marine Le Pen: 27.3%…
        - 25 Apr 22, 7:01am -
      • Why I’m Not Going to the Beijing Winter Olympics
        I have attended 19 Olympics, Summer and Winter, usually as a radio or television commentator. The last one I missed was the Calgary Winter Games in 1988. I was granted access to the 2022 Beijing Winter Games, but I will not be going. My deci…
        - 31 Jan 22, 9:00pm -
      • Marjorie Taylor Greene, in Reversal, Promotes Vaccinations
        Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia) surprised supporters by announcing that she has received three anti-Covid-19 vaccinations. She urged her followers to do the same. “Statistics show,” she explained, “that most victims of Covid ar…
        - 27 Dec 21, 9:00pm -
      • Why Do They Hate Us? A 20-Year Update
        In the days following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, many people I spoke with simply could not understand why anyone, anywhere, would not like Americans, even if it was just a few dozen fanatics. In one form or another, they asked: Wh…
        - 13 Sep 21, 7:00pm -
      • Biden Announces U.S. Invasion of Grenada
        President Joe Biden announced that United States troops were launching an invasion of the Caribbean island nation of Grenada. Considering that Grenada does not have an army, Pentagon officials predicted that complete takeover of the island would go…
        - 1 Sep 21, 7:00pm -