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  • Third of Global Population Killed in Next War Cycle – Charles Nenner

    - 1 day ago 18 May 22, 3:46am -
  • Abortion at Center of Evil Control Over USA – Bo Polny
    By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post) Biblical cycle timing expert, geopolitical and financial analyst Bo Polny has made many spot-on predictions, but none as critical to America’s future as the overturning of the historic aborti…
    - 4 days ago 15 May 22, 2:47am -
  • WHO in Charge?, Nothing is Working, 2,000 Mules Proves Fraud
    By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 529 5/13/22) The Biden/Obama Administration looks like it will cede U.S. sovereignty over to the UN and World Health Organization (WHO) in the next pandemic.  This will allow the Director General of the WHO to…
    - 6 days ago 13 May 22, 4:13am -
  • Fed Cannot Fight Inflation – Peter Schiff
    By Greg Hunter’s  Money manager and economist Peter Schiff says all the talk you are hearing from the Federal Reserve is simply the Fed “pretending to fight inflation.”  Schiff explains, “Everything I predicted with inflatio…
    - 8 days ago 11 May 22, 2:51am -
  • Warning Signs of America’s Destruction – Jonathan Cahn
    By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post) Five-time, best-selling author and renowned Christian leader Jonathan Cahn says America is paralleling ancient Israel before it was destroyed by God.  Can we turn it around before it is too la…
    - 12 days ago 7 May 22, 10:50pm -
  • Nuke War Close, FOX Ignores 2000 Mules, Inflation vs Roe
    By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 528 5.6.22)    It is now confirmed by intel sources that the U.S assisted in sinking the prized Russian warship called the Moskva.  Sinking a ship is an act of war.  Here’s what history says about the U.S…
    - 13 days ago 6 May 22, 4:51am -
  • Provoking Nuclear War with Russia – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts
    By Greg Hunter’s Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (PCR), former Assistant Treasury Secretary and international award-winning journalist, is warning that NATO and the U.S. is deliberately provoking nuclear war with Russia in Ukraine.  PCR exp…
    - 15 days ago 4 May 22, 2:50am -
  • World Moving to Gold – James G. Rickards
    By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post) Five-time, best-selling financial author James G. Rickards says, “We could be in a recession right now,” but the title of his most recent book “The New Great Depression” says where we a…
    - 18 days ago 1 May 22, 1:21am -
  • More War, More Inflation and More Chaos
    By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 527 4.29.22) Don’t expect the war between Russia and Ukraine to be over anytime soon.  VP Biden is asking for another $33 billion in military aid for Ukraine.  The plan is to drag out the war and turn it in…
    - 20 days ago 29 Apr 22, 4:35am -
  • World Economic Forum a Failing Criminal Organization – Clif High
    By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post) Clif High is an Internet data mining expert who uses “Predictive Linguistics” on the Internet to forecast future trends and events.  High has made freakishly accurate predictions such as s…
    - 26 days ago 23 Apr 22, 11:28pm -

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    • newDubya: Wholly Unjustified Invasion of Iraq
      This captures the absurdity and deceit of our current discourse so completely and fully that it's hard to believe it actually happened. It's so rare for perfection this pure to materialize. The universe is speaking loudly here. Appreciate what it jus…
      - 1 hour ago 19 May 22, 10:45am -
    • newTurkey Blocks Sweden, Finland NATO Accession Talks; Issues List Of Demands
      Via: ZeroHedge: Turkey has issued its “list” of demands that must happen before it would accede to granting formal NATO membership to Scandinavian countries Finland and Sweden. This coming on the same day both countries handed in their formal app…
      - 19 hours ago 18 May 22, 5:11pm -
    • newBiden’s ‘Disinfo’ Board Paused, ‘Scary Poppins’ Drafts Resignation
      Via: ZeroHedge: The Department of Homeland Security has ‘paused’ it’s newly created Disinformation Governance Board, after its head, Nina Jankowicz, was called out for being a Russiagate truther, and going full “libs of TikTok” with creepy…
      - 19 hours ago 18 May 22, 5:03pm -
    • Experts Warn Arms for Ukraine Could End Up in Wrong Hands
      #blowback Via: AFP: Western countries have been ramping up weapons and ammunition shipments to Ukraine as Kyiv fights off a Russian invasion, but arms trade experts warn some of the lethal assistance could end up falling into the wrong hands. Ukraine…
      - 2 days ago 17 May 22, 6:46pm -
    • Chile Bans ‘Discrimination Against Mutants and Genetically Altered People’
      Hmm… Via: Daily Bell: “Law No. 21.422 prohibits labor discrimination against mutations or alterations of genetic material, and in turn ‘prohibits demanding any certificate or test to verify that the worker does not have such alterations or muta…
      - 2 days ago 17 May 22, 6:18pm -
    • Fraudulent Trial On Ivermectin Published By The World’s Top Medical Journal
      Via: Dr. Pierre Kory: The New England Journal of Medicine recently published the fraudulent TOGETHER trial, designed and conducted to launch anti-ivermectin headlines across every major media outlet across the world. More: Fraudulent Trial On Ivermec…
      - 2 days ago 17 May 22, 6:08pm -
    • MIT, Harvard Scientists Find AI Can Recognize Race from X-Rays – and Nobody Knows How
      Via: Boston Globe: A doctor can’t tell if somebody is Black, Asian, or white, just by looking at their X-rays. But a computer can, according to a surprising new paper by an international team of scientists, including researchers at the Massachusett…
      - 2 days ago 17 May 22, 6:02pm -
    • Congressional Hearing on UFOs
      This is a huge waste of time, but possibly useful as #comedygold. Via: cnet:
      - 2 days ago 17 May 22, 5:59pm -
    • Pfizer COVID Vaccine Safety Varies from Lot to Lot
      Via: Epoch Times: When you search both national and international databases, you quickly see that most vaccine lots have maybe one or two adverse events associated with them. Usually these adverse events are mild: an upset stomach or sore shoulder ma…
      - 3 days ago 16 May 22, 7:16pm -
    • Russia Defeated In Months-Long Battle For Kharkiv
      Via: The Warzone: Ukrainian forces reportedly reached the Russian border in a successful counterattack on the now-abandoned Kharkiv frontline. Ukrainian units have spent the last week or more pushing north and east from the besieged city, working to…
      - 3 days ago 16 May 22, 7:13pm -

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    • newAmericans Brought Down to the Level of Slovaks
      There was a time in which you could walk through the streets of Slovakia and know for sure who was a Slovak because they were using a durable grocery store bag as a briefcase or gym bag. They would not just carry groceries in it, they would use it fo…
      - 7 hours ago 19 May 22, 4:51am -
    • newWe’re Just a Confused Species in an Awkward Transition Phase
      Really, when it comes right down to it, things are a mess because humans are in a very awkward and confusing stage in our development as a species. Our giant brains evolved faster than we could adjust to, and now we’re these scared little apex pred…
      - 7 hours ago 19 May 22, 4:37am -
    • newPresident of Russia Vladimir Putin: Meeting of the Heads of State of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation

      - 8 hours ago 19 May 22, 4:27am -
    • new10 Common Nutrient Deficiencies
      Nutrient deficiencies are very common, even among people who believe they’re eating a balanced diet. In the U.S., 31% of the U.S. population was found to be at risk of at least one vitamin deficiency or anemia,1 increasing the risk of health probl…
      - 8 hours ago 19 May 22, 4:23am -
    • newCurveballs in the Housing Bubble Bust
      All these curveballs will further fragment the housing market. Oh for the good old days of a nice, clean housing bubble and bust as in 2004-2011: subprime lending expanded the pool of buyers, liar loans and loose credit created speculative leverage,…
      - 8 hours ago 19 May 22, 4:21am -
    • newTurn The Page
      In America, what is called the political Left operates within a few modes of thought tied to seminal events on the Left. One if the civil right era, another is the Watergate era and the other is interwar Europe. All events are framed by this period.…
      - 8 hours ago 19 May 22, 4:19am -
    • newLet Them Eat Bugs… How Out of Touch Elites Reveal Their Contempt and What Comes Next
      Upon being told that the people had no bread, Marie Antoinette reportedly responded, “let them eat cake.” These infamous words were a stark illustration of the French elite’s careless indifference to the plight of ordinary people. Moreover, the…
      - 8 hours ago 19 May 22, 4:14am -
    • newThe Destruction of the Society Without Meaning
      This “meaning crisis” conversation will eventually come to a natural law ethic, or it will never resolve. Chapter Five…. The practical result of education in the spirit of The Green Book must be the destruction of the society which accepts it…
      - 8 hours ago 19 May 22, 4:11am -
    • newFeeding the Narrative
      There’s apparently no question that one Peyton Gendron, 18, went out hunting for black people in Buffalo, NY, carefully documenting his crime every step of the way, from penning a book-length manifesto, to running reconn on the Topps Supermarket sc…
      - 8 hours ago 19 May 22, 4:10am -
    • newVoters Increasingly Returning to In-Person Ballots Over Mail
      In many states across the country, voters appear to be returning to in-person voting for their top preference, after vote-by-mail was greatly increased and heavily promoted during the coronavirus pandemic. According to the Associated Press, many sta…
      - 8 hours ago 19 May 22, 4:09am -

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    • You don't need that many!

      - 27 Jun 21, 1:53pm -
    • Warning ignored
       "We must become the party of economic rebirth, of economic nationalism, of economic patriotism... It means reaching out to the business community of America (and) seeing business as our ally against the foreign threat. American business is not our…
      - 2 May 21, 9:06pm -
    • Reducing visual profiles
       Someone ditched their empty Ruger boxes today at a county recycling site.I presume the firearms are stored somewhere out of sight, and that idea was to get rid of empty marked boxes betraying their presence. The boxes didn't look new, they had sign…
      - 14 Mar 21, 12:55am -
    • Acquittal, again. So what's next?
      Democrats and their media allies had hoped to normalize political show trials with the latest Trump impeachment. The odds of it happening were slim, but Democrats pushed the lie it would, and many in media played along. Fact is, most Americans were u…
      - 14 Feb 21, 5:47pm -
    • Changing our traditions
      "We're going to have to change our traditions, our history; we're going to have to move into a different place as a nation." - Michelle Obama, May 2008Fast forward to February 2021:The Dallas Mavericks have stopped playing the national anthem before…
      - 10 Feb 21, 9:38am -
    • Squandering the last gasps of government legitimacy
      Deceptively edited video. A graphic with an inflated capitol riot death toll. These are the sort of things Democrats believe they need to prosecute Trump? Welcome to the latest round of bad actors circus, another misadventure in squandering what litt…
      - 10 Feb 21, 12:42am -
    • The strategy and tactics seem familiar
      Democrats now have troops guarding Washington DC, have erected a fence around the Capitol, and require House members to pass through metal detectors before being allowed on the floor of the House. Democrats are embarking on screening the military in…
      - 8 Feb 21, 2:52pm -
    • A taste of the resistance, circa 2017
      Any less inciteful than much of the material Democrats insist is "insurrectionist" when it now comes from Republicans? Via Senate Democrats, as poste on Facebook, 2017: 
      - 31 Jan 21, 2:50am -
    • Perceptions of Legitimacy
      Perceptions matter. And the perception left by rushing to kill court challenges to the 2020 election has left a perception that election results were not fully vetted. The result? Tens of millions of Americans do not believe Biden was legitimately e…
      - 31 Jan 21, 2:07am -
    • "If you're ready for a zombie apocalypse, then you're ready for any emergency"
      We're dealing with an unprecedented global emergency. There's no point in blaming Trump or Pence for what they did or didn't do. No one else saw it coming. This is a global threat, a killer virus that did not exist in humans before four months ago.Ev…
      - 22 Mar 20, 12:12am -

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    • Anybody Listening? Russia Issues Another Warning About Nuclear War
      One of Russia’s highest-ranking government officials today issued a stark warning to the United States of America and its NATO allies. Dmitry Medvedev was president of Russia from 2008 to 2012. He also served as prime minister and is now deputy cha…
      - 7 days ago 12 May 22, 7:25pm -
    • Build Back Broke: Biden Blames Skyrocketing Inflation on “Putin Price Hike”
      Consumer prices in the USA rose at a whopping annual pace of 8.3 percent in April. The inflation rate remains at a 40-year high. Housing, food, airline fares, and new automobiles were the biggest contributors to April’s shocking one-month increase…
      - 8 days ago 11 May 22, 8:10pm -
    • Call to Arms: Mayor Lightfoot Rallies Violent Leftists to Defend Baby Killing
      Today on TruNews, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot issued a chilling call to arms to political leftists to react to an anticipated US Supreme Court decision to rescind the infamous Roe v. Wade court decision that legalized baby-killing in America. The ra…
      - 9 days ago 10 May 22, 7:40pm -
    • Blood Red Sky Over Shanghai as Nuclear War Talk Revs Up
      Talk of nuclear war has entered the mainstream news world’s headlines, but most people are in denial even in the face of strange signs in the sky. On Saturday, May 7, an eerie scene of a blood-red sky over the Shanghai China region sparked fears of…
      - 10 days ago 9 May 22, 7:40pm -
    • New Zion Assembly - 5/8/22 - Why I Pray for the Lost
      This week, Dr. Raymond Burkhat will be continuing the sermon series entitled “The Church That Jesus Built.” Throughout this series, we will be examining the calling and purpose of the Church, in an effort to let every follower of Jesus Christ ha…
      - 11 days ago 8 May 22, 2:00pm -
    • Holy Land Day 9: Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh: New World Order Rising from World War 3 Ashes
      On the last day in Jordan, TruNews host Rick Wiles sits down for an exclusive interview with Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh. Dr. Talal is one of the most respected and influential businessmen in the Middle East. He speaks with Rick about World War 3, the New…
      - 13 days ago 6 May 22, 12:35pm -
    • Holy Land Day 8: Matthew 24 and the Refuge City of Pella
      Today on TruNews, the team spends its last day in the field exploring the ruins of the ancient city of Pella, Jordan. According to historians Eusebius, Epiphanius, Regimitus, and Josephus, this is the place that Christians fled to before the destruct…
      - 14 days ago 5 May 22, 7:40pm -
    • Holy Land Day 7: The Revelation Church City of Philadelphia, Today’s Amman
      Today on TruNews, the team ascends The Citadel, an ancient fortress standing guard over the Biblical city of Philadelphia mentioned in Revelation 3, today’s Amman, Jordan. History and Scripture come alive in observing how Christianity was shaped an…
      - 15 days ago 4 May 22, 7:30pm -
    • Holy Land Day 6: The Journey from Mount Nebo to the Jordan River
      Today on TruNews, the team explores Mount Nebo, and shares the last view of the Promised Land that Moses experienced before his death. Next stop, the Jordan River, as the team visits the site of the preaching of John the Baptist and the Baptism of Je…
      - 16 days ago 3 May 22, 7:40pm -
    • Holy Land Day 5: From the Dead Sea to the Mosaic Churches of Madaba
      The TruNews tour of the ‘other side’ of the Holy Land continues as the team explores the Dead Sea region. Along the way they encounter Lot’s Wife, the possible remains of Sodom, and the fortress where John the Baptist was imprisoned and beheade…
      - 17 days ago 2 May 22, 7:45pm -


    • The Future of Ecommerce Post-COVID-19
      As most people already know, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced most businesses to significantly update, upgrade, or increase their digital presence. During the past 12 or so months, companies that have managed to improve their ecommerce functionality…
      - 3 Mar 21, 2:30pm -
    • Tips On How To Get Financial Security
      It is easy to lose track of your finances when you have a lot of things that you will be spending your money on. Therefore, you might find yourself running out of your online casino gaming fund (visit casino en ligne francais) and you would be missin…
      - 6 Aug 20, 11:21am -
    • Rules to Improve Your Financial Health
      Personal finance refers to how you manage your money and plan for your future. All of your financial choices and actions have an effect on your financial health. There are certain rules that often guide people. The rules include not buying a house th…
      - 6 Aug 20, 10:56am -
    • 4 Surprising Facts About Stem Cell Therapy
      Stem cell therapy has been a source of controversy in medical and political fields for decades. Yet, the reality is that adult stem cell therapy is an effective treatment that serves as a viable alternative to surgery. Indeed, though there are many m…
      - 14 Jan 20, 8:48pm -
    • How Brexit Could Affect American Businesses
      The United Kingdom’s protracted exit from the European Union –– or “Brexit” as it has come to be known –– may finally be completed before the end of the year. And while the changes that Brexit is sure to generate will affect people liv…
      - 25 Sep 19, 4:15pm -
    • Poisoned for Profit: We Are Not the Agrochemical Industry’s Guinea Pigs
      Environmentalist Dr Rosemary Mason has just written to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the Department for Food, Environment and Rural Affairs (Defra) and the Chemicals Regulation Division (HSE) in the UK claiming that the glyphosate-based wee…
      - 27 Jul 19, 2:10pm -
    • The Debilitating Effects of Social Media
      The Debilitating Effects of Social Media Facebook and other social media platforms have come under close scrutiny in recent months and years. In addition to the concerns about their ability (or lack thereof) to ensure user privacy, many professionals…
      - 26 Jul 19, 3:21pm -
    • From Mad Cow Disease to Agrochemicals: Time to Put Public Need Ahead of Private Greed
      The first part of this article documenting the development of BSE in Britain was written by Rosemary Mason and is taken from her new report ‘Why didn’t the UK media report the documentary on Mad Cow Disease?’ It is fully referenced and cites s…
      - 18 Jul 19, 8:08pm -
    • The Terrorists with US- Cyber Privateers commit Domestic Terrorism 4
      What are Cyber Privateers and should you be afraid of them? Cyber privateers and cyber bounty hunters are criminals that are not covered under international law as government agents. In reality, this almost nullifies the chance for war to start over…
      - 5 Jul 19, 3:26am -
    • From the Green Revolution to GMOs: Toxic Agriculture Is the Problem Not the Solution
      Why did the European Food Safety Authority claim that glyphosate was not ecotoxic? This is the question environmentalist Dr Rosemary Mason poses in her new 23-page report which can be accessed in full here. In places, the report reads like a compilat…
      - 4 Jul 19, 9:17am -

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    • Another Way of Looking at the French Election: Le Pen Lost to None of the Above
      Final ResultsEmmanuel Macron: 18,779,812Abstentions: 13,655,960Marine Le Pen: 13,297,719Blancs and Nuls: 3,018,999 As a Percentage of Registered VotersEmmanuel Macron: 38.5%None of the Above: 34.2%Marine Le Pen: 27.3%…
      - 24 days ago 25 Apr 22, 7:01am -
    • Why I’m Not Going to the Beijing Winter Olympics
      I have attended 19 Olympics, Summer and Winter, usually as a radio or television commentator. The last one I missed was the Calgary Winter Games in 1988. I was granted access to the 2022 Beijing Winter Games, but I will not be going. My deci…
      - 31 Jan 22, 9:00pm -
    • Marjorie Taylor Greene, in Reversal, Promotes Vaccinations
      Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia) surprised supporters by announcing that she has received three anti-Covid-19 vaccinations. She urged her followers to do the same. “Statistics show,” she explained, “that most victims of Covid ar…
      - 27 Dec 21, 9:00pm -
    • Why Do They Hate Us? A 20-Year Update
      In the days following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, many people I spoke with simply could not understand why anyone, anywhere, would not like Americans, even if it was just a few dozen fanatics. In one form or another, they asked: Wh…
      - 13 Sep 21, 7:00pm -
    • Biden Announces U.S. Invasion of Grenada
      President Joe Biden announced that United States troops were launching an invasion of the Caribbean island nation of Grenada. Considering that Grenada does not have an army, Pentagon officials predicted that complete takeover of the island would go…
      - 1 Sep 21, 7:00pm -
    • Revealed: Republican Infiltrators Created “Defund the Police”!
      AllGov reporter Sidney Finster has obtained a secret recording in which an unnamed Republican operative brags to a meeting of 2022 campaign workers that he invented the phrase “Defund the Police.” “I paid some black guys to infi…
      - 3 Jun 21, 7:05pm -
    • Republicans Agree to D.C. Statehood…on One Condition
      In a breakthrough announcement, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) declared that Republicans will accept the District of Colombia as the 51st state on the condition that, at the same time, Congress and President Joe Biden give approval to a 52nd sta…
      - 3 May 21, 7:00pm -
    • JPMorgan Chase’s Soccer Super League
      As an American, I grew up being a fan of baseball, football and basketball. It wasn’t until I reached adulthood and moved to Europe that I became obsessed with soccer. For one thing, it is the most accessible of sports. No special equipment is re…
      - 20 Apr 21, 7:15pm -
    • Hire Donald Trump for Your Wedding!
      Former President Available for Weddings!!! If you want to put some excitement into your wedding celebration, hire Donald Trump to speak! No size too small—and he promises to mention the names of the bride and groom at least once. In…
      - 5 Apr 21, 7:00pm -
    • Electoral Advice for the Democratic and Republican Parties
      The DemocratsOn the surface, the 2020 elections were a great success for the Democratic Party. After all, they now control the White House and both houses of Congress. But not so fast. The last time that happened was after the 2008 election. Wha…
      - 22 Feb 21, 9:00pm -