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  • Trend is Clear – Rapid Decline of World Economy – Egon von Greyerz
    By Greg Hunter’s  Financial and precious metals expert Egon von Greyerz (EvG) says don’t expect the global financial situation to get better anytime soon. EvG says, “You know what the politicians are doing now? Theresa May is m…
    - 2 days ago 12 Dec 18, 5:04am -
  • We are Heading for a Deflationary Inflationary Depression – Michael Pento
    By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release) In September, money manager Michael Pento warned, “The massive bubble blown by global central banks is unraveling now.” Look at the upheaval in markets and he was clearly correct. Now, Pen…
    - 5 days ago 9 Dec 18, 5:41am -
  • Mannarino Market Analysis, Mueller Exonerates Trump, FISA Declassification Coming
    By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 363 12.7.18) The stock market has made wild swings this week. Gregory Mannarino from comes on in a special one-on-one interview to make sense of it all. Mannarino gives his analysis on stocks…
    - 7 days ago 7 Dec 18, 2:34pm -
  • Deutsche Bank Crimes Can Cause Next Global Crisis – William Black
    By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release) The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has deemed Deutsche Bank as the most systemically dangerous bank in the world. Professor of Economics and Law, William Black, knows why and contends, “D…
    - 12 days ago 2 Dec 18, 5:04am -
  • Declassify FISA Docs Coming, Mueller Desperate, Economy Tanking?
    By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 362 11.30.18)  Trump tweeted out a cartoon with some of the people behind bars that failed in taking him out of office in a soft coup. The cartoon asked “When do the trials for treason begin?” Could a rele…
    - 14 days ago 30 Nov 18, 5:03am -
  • We’ve Reached the Point of Debt Saturation – Bill Holter
    By Greg Hunter’s Financial writer and precious metals expert Bill Holter has been asking the same question many others have been asking. How long can the heavily indebted and manipulated global economy go before it blows or can it g…
    - 16 days ago 28 Nov 18, 5:03am -
  • We are Living with Maximum Uncertainty – Catherine Austin Fitts
    By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release) Financial expert Catherine Austin Fitts has said for years that the economy was not going to crash, but be on a “slow burn.” How long can they make this heavily indebted game last? Fitts s…
    - 19 days ago 25 Nov 18, 5:03am -
  • Greg Hunter Weekly News Wrap-Up & Thanksgiving Message 11.23.18
    By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 361 11.22.18) This Wrap-Up will talk about the upcoming problems on the U.S. southern border, the dark clouds I see coming for the markets and the banks. I also want to talk about what I think is the Democrat p…
    - 21 days ago 22 Nov 18, 8:59pm -
  • Wildfires Worldwide Unlike Ever Before – Dane Wigington
    By Greg Hunter’s  Climate engineering researcher Dane Wigington says out of control wildfires are not just in California, but a global phenomenon and unlike ever before. Wigington explains, “Let’s look at the facts. This summer…
    - 23 days ago 21 Nov 18, 5:27am -
  • Growth Rate of US Dollar Gone Vertical – Rob Kirby
    By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release) Macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby has one burning question for the U.S. Treasury selling record amounts of debt to finance the federal government. Kirby asks, “The question is . . . and more a…
    - 26 days ago 18 Nov 18, 5:02am -

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    • newWhy Your Doctor is Wrong
      Cholesterol is a waxy substance found in nearly every cell of your body and is essential to good health. It plays a role in hormone production, digestion and the manufacture of vitamin D following sun exposure, and helps protect your cell membranes.…
      - 23 hours ago 13 Dec 18, 4:01am -
    • newDesigning a Winter Emergency Kit
      Driving conditions in the winter can deteriorate quickly. If you live in a climate with harsh winters, then you may be very experienced. Regardless of how well prepared you think you might be, it is a good idea to review what emergency supplies and t…
      - 23 hours ago 13 Dec 18, 4:01am -
    • newDragonfly
      More than 1,400 Google staff, many journalists, and human rights organizations are calling on Google to halt its controversial project called Dragonfly. What is Project Dragonfly? Dragonfly is a search engine specially built for China. It would un…
      - 23 hours ago 13 Dec 18, 4:01am -
    • newGreen Taxes and Yellow Vests
      The Yellow Vest protests in France, now in their third week, have grabbed global attention. Though the French government suspended its fuel tax increase, the unrest continues. France is not the only country to introduce taxes on fossil fuels and car…
      - 23 hours ago 13 Dec 18, 4:01am -
    • newTime To Fly Away
      NEW YORK—At times I used to think the place was real. The New York of films, that is. The reality is an urban agglomeration of millions, most of them with a disinclination to speak English, and then there’s the celluloid city of 42nd Street, An…
      - 23 hours ago 13 Dec 18, 4:01am -
    • newReveal the Congressional
      Which is worse: candidate, businessman, and then still private citizen Donald Trump using his own money to make what Hillary Clinton might call “bimbo eruptions” go away to protect his brand and himself from personal embarrassment, or Congress us…
      - 23 hours ago 13 Dec 18, 4:01am -
    • newPutin Unveils Huge Solzhenitsyn Statue
      Putin is a huge Solzhenitsyn fan, and made this very clear while the writer was alive by publicly meeting him and praising him, (pictures below), and attending his funeral. Significantly in his speech, Putin criticized the “totalitarian system w…
      - 23 hours ago 13 Dec 18, 4:01am -
    • newCustodial Risk
      QUESTION: I have been a reader for 10+ year, Socrates subs and reg for Orlando WEC. Thank you and as a Veteran, I admire your courage and service. Ques: Under Dodd-Franks & Bail-In & Bankruptcy Priority; and, due to the Global Debt Crisis, is there…
      - 23 hours ago 13 Dec 18, 4:01am -
    • newAfter 17 Years of War
      Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, John Bolton, Paul Wolfowitz and the other neo-con wild boys who came to power with George W. Bush in 2001 all shared a vision. In their minds, they saw a cowed, conquered Iraq as the stepping stone to a wider conflict that…
      - 23 hours ago 13 Dec 18, 4:01am -
    • newThe Price of Gold
      GREG HUNTER INTERVIEWS EGON VON GREYERZ ON USA WATCHDOG In this interview Egon covers a number of subjects which will have significant impact on the world economy including: Europe a basket case – Brussels elite is petrified Brexit will cause conta…
      - 23 hours ago 13 Dec 18, 4:01am -

    The Daily Economist

      Pakalert Press

      • Joe Rogan Experience with Mick West
        [ad_1] Great conversation. Mick West is a writer and debunker who runs and Followup from Mick West: Mistakes I made on my Joe Rogan Experience Flat Earth Episode Filed under: Astrology, ChemClouds, ChemTrails, Conspi…
        - 25 May 17, 5:47am -
      • The Dark Occult Meaning of Nicki Minaj’s “No Frauds”
        [ad_1] Packed with imagery associated with secret societies and the occult elite, Nicki Minaj’s “No Frauds” video is a tribute to the secret rulers of the world. There is also a troubling coincidence relating to this video: It was filmed on We…
        - 25 May 17, 4:46am -
      • Understanding Iguana Adaptations
        [ad_1] It goes with no stating that this reptile has a very superior response and iguana adaptation to be in a position to endure and endure in captivity. This would suggest that the iguana has a amazing iguana adaptation document even though that is…
        - 25 May 17, 4:31am -
      • Flat Earth Rising |
        [ad_1] By Steven Novella via NeuroLogica Blog » Flat Earth Rising A Flat Earth model depicting Antarctica as an ice wall surrounding a disc-shaped Earth.CREDIT: Creative Commons 1.0 Generic | Trekky0623 Interest in the notion that the earth is flat…
        - 25 May 17, 3:45am -
      • Forced Entrepreneur
        [ad_1] The current economic downturn is still on irrespective of promises of recovery. President Obama a short while ago spoke at the White Household and quoted the Department of Labor which approximated that US citizens have shed 3.six million emplo…
        - 25 May 17, 3:30am -
      • “Bill Nye Saves the World” Episode “The Sexual Spectrum” is a Baffling Ordeal (Updated)
        [ad_1] Although the word “science” is used every 10 seconds, the series “Bill Nye Saves the World” is less about facts than it is about pushing a specific agenda, which includes making young people confused about gender and sexuality. Update…
        - 25 May 17, 2:45am -
      • Treasure Hunters Hoping to Salvage $3-$5 Billion from WWII Wreckage
        [ad_1] A Portland-based shipwreck hunter has found what he believes to be a ship torpedoed during Entire world War II by a German U-boat off Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Greg Brooks and his associates submitted a claim on the wreck in the US District C…
        - 25 May 17, 2:34am -
      • Nursing Is a Service To Humanity
        [ad_1] From the earliest days of human existence, drugs has been central in man’s wrestle for existence and survival in the deal with of a myriad of ailments and other ailments that every day confront him. In its different types of apply, drugs has…
        - 25 May 17, 2:30am -
      • Sir Winston Churchill – War Leader, Artist and Writer
        [ad_1] Sir Winston Churchill was a single of Britain’s finest icons and is recognised throughout the world as a single of the finest Chief and Politician of the 20th Century. I believed it would be fascinating to compose the tale of this famed icon…
        - 25 May 17, 2:05am -
      • The Reptilian Conspiracy
        [ad_1] Filed under: Aliens, Ancient Aliens, Conspiracy, Cover-up, Creatures, David Icke, Human-Alien Hybrids, Illuminati, New World Order Tagged: alien bloodline, Alien-human hybrid, Alltime Conspiracies, Annunaki, Clintons, Credo Mutwa, David Icke,…
        - 25 May 17, 1:43am -

      Public Intelligence

      Radio Show Notes

      • St. Mueller
        How many who buy and use Mueller prayer candles also profess to be Democrats, and proclaim that theirs (and theirs alone) is the "party of science"?I was not joking about the proliferation of worshipful objects featuring Robert Mueller's saintly visa…
        - 2 days ago 11 Dec 18, 9:50pm -
      • Reality bites
        "Whenever Russiagate peddlers are confronted w/ the actual facts, it doesn't go so well. Here's @RepJerryNadler asking Google CEO Sundar Pichai about "the full extent" of Russian meddling activity on its platforms in 2016. The answer: Russian-linked…
        - 2 days ago 11 Dec 18, 9:39pm -
      • Market jitters
        I've been following this guy for more than a decade on various financial boards and now on Twitter... Click the Tweet for his chain of comments here...I have spoken on this many times and this is VERY CRUCIAL POINT . I think markets have been in over…
        - 3 days ago 10 Dec 18, 5:19pm -
      • About last Friday...
        And those special counsel document disclosures..."Despite Mr. Mueller turning the screws of federal prosecution on them for months on end, neither Manafort or Cohen has composed the narrative the Special Counsel wants, so the memos were, in effect, a…
        - 3 days ago 10 Dec 18, 4:27pm -
      • Why we're skeptical of gun "research"
        A survey study released earlier this year by researchers at East Carolina University shows, in part: • Among those who report living in firearm-owning households, 25% have one or more loaded and unlocked firearms in their home.• Overall, nearly…
        - 5 days ago 8 Dec 18, 7:05pm -
      • Doing good to the poor...
        I am for doing good to the poor, but I differ in opinion of the means. I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it. In my youth I travelled much, and I observed in differe…
        - 18 days ago 25 Nov 18, 4:33pm -
      • Wanna see some spin?
        How CNN pitches a poll on the caravan...Majority say migrants in caravan should be given the opportunity to enter the countryHow the actual pollster pitched the same survey...Public Divided on Whether Migrant Caravan Poses a Threat
        - 23 days ago 20 Nov 18, 6:35pm -
      • Get ready. Plan for the uncertain future
        Many Americans have already "gunned up" in case political games freeze access to arms and ammo.With the uncertainty of 2020, this may be last call before government gives into its tyrannical nature and chokes supply.Provision accordingly.Democrats ta…
        - 26 days ago 18 Nov 18, 3:01am -
      • Who counts the votes
        Borrowed rhis from a Faceboo friend's timeline:“I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this — who will count the votes, and how.”The Memoirs of Stalin’s Former Secreta…
        - 31 days ago 13 Nov 18, 1:42pm -
      • Thought on a Sunday night
        The fall of America is happening before our eyes. Most of us completely blind to the build up to where we are today, others of us under estimated it. A few saw it, and we were called paranoid or delusional if we dared to say what we saw was happening…
        - 32 days ago 12 Nov 18, 12:40am -

      SGT Report