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    • Sham Impeachment Dud, Dem Election Panic, Economic Warning Signs
      By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 416 1.24.2020)  Why the Dems thought the sham impeachment was going to do better in the GOP controlled Senate, I’ll never know. It was a disaster in the House where Democrats had total unfair control, and it…
      - 2 days ago 24 Jan 20, 5:01am -
    • Fed Prints Money or Financial System Implodes – Rob Kirby
      By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release) Macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby can sum up the massive Fed money printing it is doing each and every day. Kirby explains, “We are on a vertical curve where money has to be added to the syste…
      - 7 days ago 19 Jan 20, 5:02am -
    • Ignoring Dire Economic Warning Signs – Greg Hunter
      By Greg Hunter’s  On the surface, everything looks to be going swimmingly for the U.S. economy. The rest of the world may not be doing as well as the U.S., but according to the legacy financial media, there is no real trouble being…
      - 11 days ago 15 Jan 20, 5:03am -
    • Iranian Sleeper Cells Will Attack America – Kevin Shipp
      By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release) Former CIA Officer and counter-terrorism expert Kevin Shipp says the threat of outright war with Iran is over—for now. Shipp says Iran will change its strategy from overt conflict to covert…
      - 14 days ago 12 Jan 20, 5:01am -
    • Past Point of No Return –John Rubino
      By Greg Hunter’s Financial writer and book author John Rubino sees the world careening toward a debt reset at an increasing pace. Rubino explains, “The coming monetary reset and what that means for gold and what that means for the…
      - 18 days ago 8 Jan 20, 5:02am -
    • No Escape from Massive Global Debt Monetization – Michael Pento
      By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release) Money manager Michael Pento says forget about the sky high stock market because everything is being propped up with massive global money printing. Pento explains, “Let’s look at the facts.…
      - 21 days ago 5 Jan 20, 5:01am -
    • Plan to Take Out the Cabal & Globalists – Wayne Jett
      By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release) Wayne Jett is an accomplished lawyer who has argued cases in front of the U.S. Supreme Court. Jett is also an expert on the Federal Reserve and author of the popular book “The Fruits of Graf…
      - 27 days ago 29 Dec 19, 10:01pm -
    • Christmas Message from Greg Hunter 2019
      By Greg Hunter’s Greg Hunter of gives his Christmas message for 2019. Please remember Jesus Christ coming to earth as a Savior for all the world is the reason for great joy. It was true back then, and it is still tru…
      - 33 days ago 24 Dec 19, 5:00am -
    • 2020 Predictions on Trump, Economy, War and Unrest – Gerald Celente
      By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release) Gerald Celente, a top trends researcher and Publisher of The Trends Journal, says his magazine motto is “Tomorrow’s news today.” Celente says, “We are the only magazine in the world th…
      - 35 days ago 22 Dec 19, 5:01am -
    • Impeachment War on USA, Dems Take Guns, Economic Update
      By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 415 12.20.19)  The Dems have done what they have been threatening to do since the hour President Trump was sworn into office–they impeached him. Never mind there was no crime committed or outlined by the Dem…
      - 37 days ago 20 Dec 19, 5:02am -

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      • newGantz: I will meet President Trump separately on Monday
        A personal meeting has been set up for Kahol Lavan leader Benny Gantz and President Donald Trump on Monday, GantzThe post Gantz: I will meet President Trump separately on Monday appeared first on DEBKAfile.
        - 5 hours ago 25 Jan 20, 6:29pm -
      • newUS builds up Mid-East strength against rising tension over “Deal of the Century and Iran
        The USS Bataan strike group and the 2,400-strong 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit are being deployed to the Mid-East ready forThe post US builds up Mid-East strength against rising tension over “Deal of the Century and Iran appeared first on DEBKAfi…
        - 13 hours ago 25 Jan 20, 10:17am -
      • newMore incendiary balloons from Gaza reach Negev
        Palestinian terrorists floated three balloon clusters with incendiary charges attached from the Gaza Strip as far as the Negev, 60kmThe post More incendiary balloons from Gaza reach Negev appeared first on DEBKAfile.
        - 13 hours ago 25 Jan 20, 10:08am -
      • newGantz to announce decision on Trump invite Saturday night
        Kahol Lavan leader MK Benny Gantz is likely to turn down President Donald Trump’s invitation to visit the White HouseThe post Gantz to announce decision on Trump invite Saturday night appeared first on DEBKAfile.
        - 15 hours ago 25 Jan 20, 8:36am -
      • newAt least 20 dead in East Turkey earthquake
        A 6.8-magnitude earthquake rocked a sparsely populated part of eastern Turkey on Friday, killing at least 20 people, injuring moreThe post At least 20 dead in East Turkey earthquake appeared first on DEBKAfile.
        - 15 hours ago 25 Jan 20, 7:53am -
      • Trump: Reports about timing of our peace plan are purely speculative
        President Donald Trump tweeted Thursday night: The United States looks forward to welcoming Prime Minister @Netanyahu & Blue & WhiteThe post Trump: Reports about timing of our peace plan are purely speculative appeared first on DEBKAfile.
        - 2 days ago 23 Jan 20, 7:51pm -
      • Netanyahu proposed Trump also invite Gantz Tuesday for his peace plan
        Sources close to US Vice President Mike Pence confirmed that the initiative to invite Kahol Lavan leader Benny Gantz toThe post Netanyahu proposed Trump also invite Gantz Tuesday for his peace plan appeared first on DEBKAfile.
        - 2 days ago 23 Jan 20, 7:36pm -
      • Berlin Summit Skirts Libya’s Ills, Primarily the Russia-Turkey Contest
        The Berlin summit for resolving the Libyan conflict was initiated by Chancellor Angela Merkel. It was prompted by the dreadThe post Berlin Summit Skirts Libya’s Ills, Primarily the Russia-Turkey Contest appeared first on DEBKAfile.
        - 2 days ago 23 Jan 20, 6:51pm -
      • Iran’s Hardliners Use Soleimani Killing to Block Reformists in February Vote
        Iran’s hardliners are battling on the home front to leverage the Soleimani assassination for resurrecting the Islamic Shiite zeal ofThe post Iran’s Hardliners Use Soleimani Killing to Block Reformists in February Vote appeared first on DEBKAfile…
        - 2 days ago 23 Jan 20, 6:51pm -
      • French Special Ops for Saudi Arabia, Carrier for Mediterranean
        France customarily confines its military operations to Africa, where its forces have been combating jihadist terrorist groups for some years.The post French Special Ops for Saudi Arabia, Carrier for Mediterranean appeared first on DEBKAfile.
        - 2 days ago 23 Jan 20, 6:51pm -


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      • newYour Chance of Dying From the Menacing Coronavirus That Now Threatens Global Human Populations Is 0.0000001137%
        My email box fills with questions: what about the coronavirus epidemic?  Is death on its way from Asia to the West?  There is no vaccine for this viral scourge. Will our infants who have no antibodies against this virus die?  Will vulnerable and f…
        - 18 hours ago 25 Jan 20, 5:01am -
      • newNew Thought Police NewsGuard Is Owned by Big Pharma
        The media is using a variety of tactics to restrict your access to the truth from websites like mine, including NewsGuard, a self-appointed internet watchdog that sells a browser plugin to rate websites on nine criteria of credibility and transparenc…
        - 19 hours ago 25 Jan 20, 4:01am -
      • newWould You Like Brain Damage With That?
        New research has shown that despite being marketed as a healthy alternative, soybean oil, America’s most popular oil, causes neurological changes in the brains of mice, and may contribute to autism and dementia in humans. Extracted from the seeds o…
        - 19 hours ago 25 Jan 20, 4:01am -
      • newIn Royal Family Drama, Harry and Meghan Look Worse and Worse
        As the drama of Harry and Meghan unfolds, it becomes ever clearer that Harry is a figure not of tragedy, but of self-interested hypocrisy.  The prince is not only dull, but the cause of dullness in others, more a figure of betrayal than of sacrific…
        - 19 hours ago 25 Jan 20, 4:01am -
      • newThe Big Sleep
        You have to wonder how many Democratic senators spend the long hours of impeachment fantasizing how to end the misery of listening to Rep. Adam Schiff deliver the party’s funeral oration. Please God, hurl a lightning bolt at the podium… bring do…
        - 19 hours ago 25 Jan 20, 4:01am -
      • newTrump’s ‘No-Peace/Peace Plan’ for Palestine. Netanyahu/Gantz Invited to White House To Discuss “Deal of the Century”
        Leaked information shows Trump’s so-called deal of the century is a one-sided scam, favoring Israel at the expense of fundamental Palestinian rights. The so-called peace process is the greatest hoax in modern times, along with the US war OF terror…
        - 19 hours ago 25 Jan 20, 4:01am -
      • newItaly Slouches Towards New Elections
        Italy is always good political theater. I remember years ago when I cared more about poetry than politics, a friend of mine saying, “Tom, seriously, you’re missing out, Italian parliament is better than cable.” And in the early days of reality…
        - 19 hours ago 25 Jan 20, 4:01am -
      • newThey Killed King for the Same Reason They Killed Kennedy
        Amidst all the anti-Russia brouhaha that has enveloped our nation, we shouldn’t forget that the U.S. national-security establishment — specifically the Pentagon, CIA, and FBI — was convinced that Martin Luther King Jr. was a communist agent who…
        - 19 hours ago 25 Jan 20, 4:01am -
      • newJeff Deist Interviewed
        TOM WOODS: This is the Tom Woods Show, and today I welcome Jeff Deist. Everybody wants to know the sheer nuts and bolts of how somebody becomes Ron Paul’s chief of staff. I’ll tell a little story most people don’t know. About ten years ago, Dr…
        - 19 hours ago 25 Jan 20, 4:01am -
      • newLogic Is a Tool of the Patriarchy
        If you have ever had a conversation with a social justice warrior, you may be well aware that a confusing occurrence tends to take place. For all your effort to use reason and evidence to truly understand the position that the person holds, it’s in…
        - 19 hours ago 25 Jan 20, 4:01am -

      The Daily Economist

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        • Joe Rogan Experience with Mick West
          [ad_1] Great conversation. Mick West is a writer and debunker who runs and Followup from Mick West: Mistakes I made on my Joe Rogan Experience Flat Earth Episode Filed under: Astrology, ChemClouds, ChemTrails, Conspi…
          - 25 May 17, 5:47am -
        • The Dark Occult Meaning of Nicki Minaj’s “No Frauds”
          [ad_1] Packed with imagery associated with secret societies and the occult elite, Nicki Minaj’s “No Frauds” video is a tribute to the secret rulers of the world. There is also a troubling coincidence relating to this video: It was filmed on We…
          - 25 May 17, 4:46am -
        • Understanding Iguana Adaptations
          [ad_1] It goes with no stating that this reptile has a very superior response and iguana adaptation to be in a position to endure and endure in captivity. This would suggest that the iguana has a amazing iguana adaptation document even though that is…
          - 25 May 17, 4:31am -
        • Flat Earth Rising |
          [ad_1] By Steven Novella via NeuroLogica Blog » Flat Earth Rising A Flat Earth model depicting Antarctica as an ice wall surrounding a disc-shaped Earth.CREDIT: Creative Commons 1.0 Generic | Trekky0623 Interest in the notion that the earth is flat…
          - 25 May 17, 3:45am -
        • Forced Entrepreneur
          [ad_1] The current economic downturn is still on irrespective of promises of recovery. President Obama a short while ago spoke at the White Household and quoted the Department of Labor which approximated that US citizens have shed 3.six million emplo…
          - 25 May 17, 3:30am -
        • “Bill Nye Saves the World” Episode “The Sexual Spectrum” is a Baffling Ordeal (Updated)
          [ad_1] Although the word “science” is used every 10 seconds, the series “Bill Nye Saves the World” is less about facts than it is about pushing a specific agenda, which includes making young people confused about gender and sexuality. Update…
          - 25 May 17, 2:45am -
        • Treasure Hunters Hoping to Salvage $3-$5 Billion from WWII Wreckage
          [ad_1] A Portland-based shipwreck hunter has found what he believes to be a ship torpedoed during Entire world War II by a German U-boat off Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Greg Brooks and his associates submitted a claim on the wreck in the US District C…
          - 25 May 17, 2:34am -
        • Nursing Is a Service To Humanity
          [ad_1] From the earliest days of human existence, drugs has been central in man’s wrestle for existence and survival in the deal with of a myriad of ailments and other ailments that every day confront him. In its different types of apply, drugs has…
          - 25 May 17, 2:30am -
        • Sir Winston Churchill – War Leader, Artist and Writer
          [ad_1] Sir Winston Churchill was a single of Britain’s finest icons and is recognised throughout the world as a single of the finest Chief and Politician of the 20th Century. I believed it would be fascinating to compose the tale of this famed icon…
          - 25 May 17, 2:05am -
        • The Reptilian Conspiracy
          [ad_1] Filed under: Aliens, Ancient Aliens, Conspiracy, Cover-up, Creatures, David Icke, Human-Alien Hybrids, Illuminati, New World Order Tagged: alien bloodline, Alien-human hybrid, Alltime Conspiracies, Annunaki, Clintons, Credo Mutwa, David Icke,…
          - 25 May 17, 1:43am -

        Public Intelligence

        Radio Show Notes

        • Obvious to those willing to see

          - 41 days ago 15 Dec 19, 4:19pm -
        • Thoughts for a Sunday morning
          "Hillary Clinton sure got her money’s worth with the Fusion GPS deal: it induced a three-year psychotic break in the body politic, destroyed the legitimacy of federal law enforcement, turned a once-proud, free, and rational press into an infernal e…
          - 41 days ago 15 Dec 19, 3:41pm -
        • More people finally waking up
          Matt Taibbi's a journalist probably best known for his work at Rolling Stone.Bernie Sanders once cited Taibbi as a journalist who "speaks truth to power."And now?Taibbi writes of turmoil in the federal government, a government that finds itself caugh…
          - 14 Oct 19, 1:22pm -
        • Wish I could say this was a joke
          "I've held an AR-15 in my hand, I wish I had it. It is as heavy as 10 boxes that you might be moving and the bullet that is utilized, a .50-caliber, these kinds of bullets need to be licensed and do not need to be on the street" - Rep Sheila Jackson…
          - 16 Sep 19, 11:37pm -
        • Smooth sailing for Democrats into 2020, or will rough seas sink their socialist fantasies?
          "In these horse latitudes of late summer, with the seas becalmed and the riggings a’creak, the Resistance’s ship-of-the-line (a.k.a. the Democratic Party) drifts ever further out of sight of land... Months from now, the accursed vessel may be dis…
          - 24 Aug 19, 4:40pm -
        • Deadly good intentions
          "The 2003 heat wave killed 7,000 people in Germany. And, today, only 3% of German households have air conditioning. Germany’s Ministry of the Environment refused to back air conditioning as a response to global warming...  In Europe, people are dy…
          - 24 Aug 19, 3:17pm -
        • New Zealand's new gun control. Yeah, right...
          Democrats in the US may want to follow New Zealand's path on gun control.But even New Zealanders aren't buying into it. I dare say non-compliance in the US would be far more pervasive.
          - 17 Aug 19, 9:43pm -
        • Texas hit by heatwave energy crisis
          Seen this?Texas Power Grid Operator Declares Level 1 Emergency Amid "Extreme Heat"Why is Texas low on "juice"? Because too many coal plants were taken down too fast, without replacement capacity in place.The warnings were plentiful.This one from jus…
          - 15 Aug 19, 3:39pm -
        • "The White Supremacy Hoax"
          Via American Greatness: The specter of white supremacy haunts America. Let us empower the government to crush it. Just yesterday, “the deplorables” were to be deplored because they were “racist, sexist, homophobic,” clingers to “God and g…
          - 15 Aug 19, 1:47pm -
        • Meanwhile, in Atlanta...
          Democratic Socialists met for a convetion.And seemed to have trouble deciding which they hated more: Capitalism or gendered pronouns.A look into what happened during one part of the national convention of the Democratic Socialists of America in Atlan…
          - 4 Aug 19, 2:38pm -

        SGT Report


        • In Memoriam of Bobby Black
          Rest in Peace Yesterday at 10:50 a.m. Central Time, Bobby Black passed away after a rapid, devastating bout with cancer. From feeling fine just two months ago until diagnosis just last week, he lost over 50 pounds in just a few weeks, decimating his…
          - 16 Oct 19, 3:11am -
        • Today the Democrats Went Full Retard
          by John Galt September 24, 2019 20:30 ET Nancy Pelosi and that group of lunatics known as the Democratic Party made the number one mistake in politics today. Here’s the video exemplifying their ignorance of history, with a lesson from Robert Downey…
          - 25 Sep 19, 12:27am -
        • And so it Begins: USDA Staff Withdrawn After Unidentified Threats During Farm Tour
          by John Galt August 21, 2019 20:00 ET The next downturn will NOT be a repeat of 2007 to 2009. That is a guarantee. While the U.S. experienced isolated incidents of people being served eviction or foreclosure notices offering up armed resistance to la…
          - 22 Aug 19, 12:00am -
        • First Ghost Cities in China, Now Ghost Trains to the EU
          by John Galt August 20, 2019 22:30 ET The first articles and recent ones about the infamous Chinese ghost cities appeared to support conjecture about China building cities just for the sake of building them to keep people employed with their excess f…
          - 21 Aug 19, 2:31am -
        • The 2007 Style Credit Downgrades Have Begun
          by John Galt August 18, 2019 22:30 ET The nightmare has returned. Despite the fact that it is “different this time” as housing is not the central reason for our economic issues, the story sounds eerily familiar. First and foremost this story from…
          - 19 Aug 19, 2:31am -
        • Trump’s August Stock Market Fake Out Bounce
          by John Galt August 18, 2019 22:00 ET President Donald Regalus Postulus Magnanimous Renaldo Trumpus hereby declares that while the Congress is in recess, the American Stock Markets shall no longer be allowed wild swings or dramatic declines until aft…
          - 19 Aug 19, 1:58am -
        • A Veiled Threat by China to Blockade Taiwan
          by John Galt August 18, 2019 21:35 ET Just when one thinks are beginning to calm down between the United States and China, the U.S. decides to sell upgraded F-16 fighter planes to Taiwan. This brings back memories of something the Chinese military le…
          - 19 Aug 19, 1:37am -
        • Kudlow’s Ominous Interviews on Today’s Sunday Shows
          by John Galt August 18, 2019 13:15 ET In what can only be called a weird twist of irony, Larry Kudlow, who just happens to be President Trump’s Director of the National Economic Council in the White House said this on December 6, 2007 (From the Nat…
          - 18 Aug 19, 5:18pm -
        • Xi Zaps Trump Rally Today
          by John Galt August 15, 2019 05:25 ET All it took was one headline: China Says U.S. Violates Xi-Trump Consensus With New 10% Tariff And boom. There goes the 150 point rally the DJIA was set to have this morning: Even though this was set up as a refle…
          - 15 Aug 19, 9:26am -
        • U.S. 30 Year Treasury Hits All Time Record Low Yield
          by John Galt August 14, 2019 06:30 ET Via Today the talking heads will say this is “bullish” because mortgage rates will become more affordable, even though they are based on the 10 year US Treasury. Then the rest of the lefty finan…
          - 14 Aug 19, 10:31am -

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        The Economic Collapse

        The Intel Hub


        • TruNews in Davos: Frail George Soros Denounces President Trump and Predicts Revolutions and Wars in 2020s
          Today on TruNews we discuss the predictions of war and revolution made by infamous billionaire revolutionary George Soros and Historian Yuval Harari. We also address the Coronavirus epidemic and and the guillotine protest in San Juan, Puerto Rico, wh…
          - 1 day ago 24 Jan 20, 10:22pm -
        • Pentagon Now Reports Americans Suffering from Traumatic Brain Injuries Due to Iranian Missile Attacks
          The Pentagon’s ever-evolving narrative about the fallout from Iran’s missile strikes on American military bases in Iraq has shifted once again.The New York Times reported Friday that 34 Americans have been diagnosed with traumatic brain injurie…
          - 1 day ago 24 Jan 20, 10:00pm -
        • TruNews Headlines - January 24, 2020
          Coronavirus outbreak worsens. China rushes to build emergency hospital. Republicans losing patience with House Democrats’ impeachment argument. Rudy Giuliani ready to drop evidence on the Bidens. DOJ confirms Carter Page surveillance warrants were…
          - 1 day ago 24 Jan 20, 8:50pm -
        • Lindsey Graham to Democrats: Are You Going to Impeach Me Too?
          House Democrats took their final shot Friday at making a case to the Senate for removing President Donald Trump from office—but many Republicans say they’re running out of talking points.Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.), the GOP’s third-ranking me…
          - 1 day ago 24 Jan 20, 8:00pm -
        • UPDATE: Official Coronavirus Death Toll Increases 60%
          6 PM UPDATE — The Chinese government has announced another 15 deaths related to the Wuhan Pneumonia coronavirus. All of these new deaths occurred in the Hubei province. This brings the confirmed number of dead to 41—an increase of more than 60 pe…
          - 1 day ago 24 Jan 20, 6:00pm -
        • TruNews in Davos: Is Kushner Linked to MBS Hacking of Bezos’ Phone?
          Today on TruNews we discuss what may be behind the mysterious cancelation of Jared Kushner, Avi Berkowitz, and Brian Hook from the bipartisan and internationally attended holocaust remembrance forum in Israel. We also address how it could be tied to…
          - 2 days ago 23 Jan 20, 10:28pm -
        • More Suspected Coronavirus Cases Under Investigation in Texas, California
          With the Chinese government finally admitting they have struggled to contain the Wuhan Pneumonia coronavirus, American health officials are warning of two more suspected cases in Texas and California.Public health officials in Texas say they are in…
          - 2 days ago 23 Jan 20, 10:00pm -
        • TruNews Headlines - January 23, 2020
          House Democrats may be turning off anti-Trump Republicans with their coverup claims. Lindsey Graham wants Joe Biden to answer questions about his son, China, and Ukraine. Rand Paul invites the president to his own impeachment trial. President Trump s…
          - 2 days ago 23 Jan 20, 9:00pm -
        • Republicans Snub House Democrats Who Threaten to Throw Them in Jail
          House Democrats returned to the well of the Senate on Thursday for the second of three days of presenting their case against President Donald Trump, and immediately threatened to throw Republican senators in jail.Each morning of the trial so far, C…
          - 2 days ago 23 Jan 20, 8:00pm -
        • China Announces Quarantine for Wuhan as Thousands Rush to Escape City
          Thousands have swarmed the airport and rail station in the Chinese city of Wuhan as officials prepare to impose a long-distance travel ban in a bid to contain the coronavirus outbreak that originated there.State-run media outlet CCTV announced Wedn…
          - 3 days ago 22 Jan 20, 11:00pm -


        • 4 Surprising Facts About Stem Cell Therapy

          4 Surprising Facts About Stem Cell Therapy

          Stem cell therapy has been a source of controversy in medical and political fields for decades. Yet, the reality is that adult stem cell therapy is an effective treatment that serves as a viable alternative to surgery. Indeed, though there are many m…
          - 11 days ago 14 Jan 20, 8:48pm -
        • How Brexit Could Affect American Businesses

          How Brexit Could Affect American Businesses

          The United Kingdom’s protracted exit from the European Union –– or “Brexit” as it has come to be known –– may finally be completed before the end of the year. And while the changes that Brexit is sure to generate will affect people liv…
          - 25 Sep 19, 4:15pm -
        • Poisoned for Profit: We Are Not the Agrochemical Industry’s Guinea Pigs

          Poisoned for Profit: We Are Not the Agrochemical Industry’s Guinea Pigs

          Environmentalist Dr Rosemary Mason has just written to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the Department for Food, Environment and Rural Affairs (Defra) and the Chemicals Regulation Division (HSE) in the UK claiming that the glyphosate-based wee…
          - 27 Jul 19, 2:10pm -
        • The Debilitating Effects of Social Media

          The Debilitating Effects of Social Media

          The Debilitating Effects of Social Media Facebook and other social media platforms have come under close scrutiny in recent months and years. In addition to the concerns about their ability (or lack thereof) to ensure user privacy, many professionals…
          - 26 Jul 19, 3:21pm -
        • From Mad Cow Disease to Agrochemicals: Time to Put Public Need Ahead of Private Greed

          From Mad Cow Disease to Agrochemicals: Time to Put Public Need Ahead of Private Greed

          The first part of this article documenting the development of BSE in Britain was written by Rosemary Mason and is taken from her new report ‘Why didn’t the UK media report the documentary on Mad Cow Disease?’ It is fully referenced and cites s…
          - 18 Jul 19, 8:08pm -
        • The Terrorists with US- Cyber Privateers commit Domestic Terrorism 4

          The Terrorists with US- Cyber Privateers commit Domestic Terrorism 4

          What are Cyber Privateers and should you be afraid of them? Cyber privateers and cyber bounty hunters are criminals that are not covered under international law as government agents. In reality, this almost nullifies the chance for war to start over…
          - 5 Jul 19, 3:26am -
        • From the Green Revolution to GMOs: Toxic Agriculture Is the Problem Not the Solution

          From the Green Revolution to GMOs: Toxic Agriculture Is the Problem Not the Solution

          Why did the European Food Safety Authority claim that glyphosate was not ecotoxic? This is the question environmentalist Dr Rosemary Mason poses in her new 23-page report which can be accessed in full here. In places, the report reads like a compilat…
          - 4 Jul 19, 9:17am -
        • 4 Myths About Search Engine Optimization

          4 Myths About Search Engine Optimization

          While search engine optimization (SEO) has been a hot topic for professionals in virtually every field for over a decade now, the reality is that there are a number of rampant misconceptions regarding the practice SEO. Indeed, plenty of business owne…
          - 1 Jul 19, 2:23pm -
        • Life Expectancy Falters in the UK: Slow Death but Fast Profits for the Agrochemical Sector

          Life Expectancy Falters in the UK: Slow Death but Fast Profits for the Agrochemical Sector

          A special report in the Observer newspaper in the UK on 23 June 2019 asked the question: Why is life expectancy faltering? The piece noted that for the first time in 100 years, Britons are dying earlier. The UK now has the worst health trends in West…
          - 26 Jun 19, 1:41pm -
        • ‘Modified’: A Film About GMOs and the Corruption of the Food Supply for Profit

          ‘Modified’: A Film About GMOs and the Corruption of the Food Supply for Profit

          Parts of the documentary Modified are spent at the kitchen table. But it’s not really a tale about wonderful recipes or the preparation of food. Ultimately, it’s a story of capitalism, money and power and how our most basic rights are being erod…
          - 23 Jun 19, 2:25pm -

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          • Trump Announces Creation of New Religion: Trumpianity
            President Donald Trump announced that he will be creating a new religion, Trumpianity, which will be aligned with mainstream Evangelical Christianity, but will be overlaid with his own teachings. AllGov correspondents around the United State…
            - 53 days ago 3 Dec 19, 11:23pm -
          • 5 Politicians Who Continued Working Successfully after Heart Attacks
            After Sen. Bernie Sanders was hospitalized for a heart attack, some commentators questioned whether this disqualified him from being president of the United States. However, many political leaders have successfully continued their work after surviv…
            - 95 days ago 22 Oct 19, 6:52pm -
          • Trump Wills White House and Presidency to Daughter Ivanka
            Sources close to President Donald Trump report that in updating his will, in case of his death while in office, he has given the White House and the presidency of the United States to his daughter, Ivanka. When his lawyers explained to Trump that t…
            - 12 Aug 19, 6:43pm -
          • Trump Claims God Told Him to Deport his Wife, Melania
            President Donald Trump announced via Twitter, after a prayer session with Vice-President Mike Pence and Trump’s spiritual advisor, Franklin Graham, that God told him to deport his wife, Melania. “We’ve been deporting legal citizens bec…
            - 22 Jul 19, 7:01pm -
          • Trump Bans Use of Arabic Numerals
            President Donald Trump has issued an executive order banning the use of Arabic numerals by the federal government and replacing all numbers with Roman numerals. In a live television interview with campaign advisor Sean Hannity, Trump argued that it…
            - 17 Jun 19, 7:04pm -
          • Trump’s Obsession with Venezuela and Iran in One Chart
            Of all the dictatorships in the world, President Donald Trump has zeroed in on creating regime change—by economic sanctions and/or war—in just two: Venezuela and Iran. He and his team have tried to convince Americans that these two countries…
            - 27 May 19, 7:08pm -
          • Presidents Testifying—America’s Downward Spiral from Clinton to Bush to Trump
            On September 21, 1998, President Bill Clinton testified on video in response to charges that he had lied about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky and had attempted to obstruct justice. This testimony, which lasted more than four hours, is still…
            - 29 Apr 19, 7:00pm -
          • Blueprint for Impeachment—The Mueller Report
            I took the liberty of reading the entire Mueller Report, including the appendices, before reading or listening to any commentary by others. There are two parts to the Report, one dealing with Russian interference with the 2016 U.S. election…
            - 22 Apr 19, 9:19pm -
          • Omar al-Bashir, World’s Worst Dictator, Overthrown at Last
            Back in 2006, I wrote a book called Tyrants: The World’s 20 Worst Living Dictators. I gave the dubious honor of first place to Omar al-Bashir of Sudan. Now, 13 years later, Bashir has finally been overthrown. Unfortunately, the man who led the mi…
            - 12 Apr 19, 8:42pm -
          • Imagining the Mueller Report Uncensored
            Attorney General William Barr’s four-page summary of the Mueller Report (which he now says was not a “summary”) included a grand total of 65 words from the report itself and zero complete sentences. Here are the excerpts: “…the inv…
            - 2 Apr 19, 10:00pm -